S-90-400 S-85-400 S-80-400 S-LC-400 S-FP-400

SEDERE develops, manufactures, distributes and supports SEDEX detectors, the most complete and versatile product line dedicated to Low-Temperature Evaporative Light-Scattering Detection (LT-ELSD).

As one of the originators of this detection mode, SEDERE remains exclusively focused on this technology as a core competency.

As the industry leader, SEDERE leverages decades of experience and customer knowledge to continually raise the bar for High Sensitivity, High Flexibility and High Fidelity detector performance for chromatography laboratories. The unparalleled selection of five LT-ELSD models can match both very high performance requirements and budget for all chromatography applications from basic research to quality control and purification.


➲ Brochure – December 18th, 2014
Release of the New SEDERE Brochure. Click the thumbnail below:


➲ Product – December 2nd, 2013
Release of the New SEDEX LC. SEDEX LC benefits from a new design and provides very good performance for LC analytical works, with an attractive price. This Model also presents an innovative patent-pending technology: SAGA (SEDEX Automated Gain Adjustment). This new concept automatically optimizes in real time on the scale the biggest peak of a separation, thus avoiding non-expected saturation and considerably simplifying the use of ELS detectors.

➲ Software – May 1st, 2013
Release of OpenLAB (both ChemStation and EZChrom Editions) drivers for SEDEX Models 90LT, 85LT and 80LT Release of Chromeleon driver for SEDEX Models 90LT, 85LT and 80LT. Upgrade of all other previous Software drivers (inclusion of SEDEX 90LT control and data collection).

➲ Product – March 18th, 2013
Release of the New SEDEX FP. SEDEX FP is specially designed for purification by preparative HPLC, preparative SFC and Flash Chromatography. It presents both outstanding reliability and robustness, and features an innovative Dynamic Gain Change (SAGA: SEDEX Automated Gain Adjustment) setting which is automatic and avoid any saturation of the detector. It is simple to operate and only requires easy and cost-effective maintenance.

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